About the Temple

To read the original prospectus of The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord by Dr. Stephen Flowers, “Introducing the Mazdan Religion”, simply click the link.

The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord is an entirely independent Western rite of the Good Religion with Zarathushtra as its Prophet. The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord was founded on March 21, 2014 after many years of inner development.

For decades, Western groups have been attempting to revive or reawaken religions based on ancient Western organic values—the Celtic, Norse, Germanic, Roman, Greek or Slavic. All of these folk-groups stem from a single trunk—that of the Indo-Europeans, and a visionary few longed for a revival of a Pan-Indo-European religion. The astounding fact is that such a system already exists! More amazing still, it has existed for almost three thousand years. This is the religious philosophy and theology of the founder of the world’s first trans-tribal, or universal, religion: the first and only necessary Prophet, Zarathushtra.

Zarathushtra—or Zoroaster as the Greeks called him—was a priest of the original Indo-European religion as practiced in the first half of the first millennium BCE, nearly 3,000 years ago.

Zoroastrianism can be said to be a philosophized and universalized version of original Indo-European thought. It is a sophisticated, abstract ideology based on Indo-European concepts and forged into a system to which any and all persons or nations in the world could belong as a matter of free individual choice. The age and level of Zarathustra’s system also makes it a Pan-Indo-European one—one which existed at a time before the divisions into Germans, Celts, Greeks, Romans, Iranians and Indians were very great at all.

By utilizing Zarathustra’s methods as a guide we can easily and logically manifest a system for the worldwide renewal of an Indo-European religion that is applicable to all individuals the world over, with an emphasis on a Western revival. This is called the Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord.


2 thoughts on “About the Temple

  1. I am excited about discovery of OTWL. I have been practising Zoroastrianism privately since I learnt about it 20 years ago at college. My problem was I had no fellow followers to associate with and it is said one can only be born a Parsee to be a Zoroastrian. Now I have a breakthrough by OTWL.

  2. I’ve studied most religions and beliefs, and for me, Zoroastrianism really aligns more closely to the highest truth than any other. I feel a shift within, and a clearer sense of purpose the more that I learn.

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