Zoroastrian Heritage – A comprehensive presentation on Zoroastrian heritage provided by K.E Eduljee.

Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies – An organization dedicated to the “understanding and appreciation of pre-Islamic Iranian heritage”.

Pyracantha’s Zoroastrianism – An overview of Zoroastrianism, with the added treat of excellent art of the Amesha Spenta and the Prophet, by Hannah M.G Shapero.

P. Oktor Skjærvø’s Introduction to Zoroastrianism – A vast introduction to Zoroastrianism by the Aga Khan Professor of Iranian Studies at Harvard University.

Texts and Translations

Avesta – A tremendous collection of literary and linguistic resources, including its namesake text.

ISTA: Zoroastrianism – Older translations of Zoroastrian texts throughout its history.

The Gathas: Jafarey Translation – A rationalist translation of the Gathas by the founder of the Zarathushtrian Assembly.

The Gathas: Irani Translation – A spiritual translation of the Gathas beloved by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Language Study

Old Avestan (Gathic)/Young Avestan/Old Persian – The Aga Khan Professor of Iranian Studies at Harvard University, Prods Oktar Skjærvø, has produced a series of guides for the study of the three languages linked.

Parsig – A website dedicated to the study of Pahlavi as a living language.


The Zarathushtrian Assembly – A Zoroastrian group with a reformist, rationalist and Gathic approach that unlike most traditionalist groups is very friendly to converts.

Mitravia – A group of Zoroastrian Mithraic Revivalists operating in Europe.

Lodestar – Dr. Stephen Flowers’ publishing house, responsible for the publication of Temple works and other material of interest to Dr. Flowers.